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3D Interface

A visionary client, an interface that sells.

Upload your drawing and get an instant quote.

Project 01:

Client Challenge

Our client wanted a web platform that would allow its customers, wherever they might be in the world, to download a design for a piece of equipment they require.
- Get an instant cost estimate.
- Order the part to be manufactured.


Create a type of platform that can provide a 3D, flat, and static image of the desired part, along with a summary of the analysis of manufacturability.

BeWave Solution

We pushed the concept further: within 3 days of our first meeting, we created and hosted an interactive 3D interface that showed our client it was possible for its users to get a visual representation of a part they needed to have manufactured… and to select options for which they required an instant quote.


In no time at all, the user can inspect the part from every angle and see it up close. It can then be ordered immediately, without any involvement on the part of the manufacturer, saving our client a substantial amount of time.

BandeauxHautPage_NIV2_Interface sur Mes_1920x800_04.jpg


The user interface is the first contact
between you, your customer and your team.
It is the bond of trust.
A necessity to be a leader.
Real-time data, Material Design, Interactive 3D...
We bring you bold interfaces
to achieve your goals.

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